About Us

History of Enjoy Islands Diving


A group of friends joined the diving industry because they loved diving and traveling. Also, it was not easy to integrate diving and travel information abroad in the early days. There was also relatively little Chinese diving information, so they could only search for English information and sort out the surrounding information themselves;

This sparked the idea of integrating overseas diving and travel itineraries into a package, so that divers who want to go diving abroad on their own but don’t have time to collect information, or who can’t match the opening time of the dive shop can go diving abroad without any worries. We also hope that provide more diving and travel information for diving friends to refer to, so Enjoy Islands Diving was born!


Established a travel agency in Taipei and registered it as a PADI diving shop, and began to try to develop overseas diving learning and diving tourism businesses

In 2017, the first overseas base was established in Bohol Island, Philippines, a tourism company was registered in Panglao Island. And the 2nd store was established, which combines a dive shop and a hotel.


Due to the Covid19 epidemic, we were unable to return to Bohol Island in the Philippines. We built the third store in Hengchun – and named it: “Days in Bohol ” because of our longing for it.

On days when it is impossible to go abroad, we provided the most attentive services to the Hengchun Peninsula to create an approachable and relaxing environment for diving enthusiasts…


It has been officially upgraded to a PADI five-star diving center, which means that Enjoy Islands Diving can service to everyone has also been improved and it has become a more professional diving center.


We are proud to tell you that Enjoy Islands Diving has officially been upgraded to

Five Star Instructor Development Center!

What is a Five Star Instructor Development Center?

The PADI Five Star Instructor Development Center (Five Star IDC) is a dive center that meets all PADI Five Star Dive Center standards and provides PADI Instructor Level training.

Five-star IDCs have at least one PADI Course Director who is committed to providing PADI IDC instructor development courses and continuing education opportunities to diving professionals.
These businesses specialize in introducing people to scuba diving using the PADI Diver Education System and then provide continuing education to enable individuals to progress to a professional level of diving.
If your goal is to become a PADI Scuba Instructor, find a PADI Five Star IDC and start earning the most recognized and desired professional scuba rating in the world.

We will uphold our original intention and continue to provide every diver with the most professional, standard, safest and happiest diving environment!

Enjoy Islands Diving  ~ Keep up the good work!